What is GIFGIF?

GIFGIF is an evolution in photo booths. It is a photo booth that takes GIFs exclusively and sends them to users mobile phone for instant sharing on social media.

What's a GIF?

It's a digital image file format that allows images to be animated.


How does GIFGIF work?


We add client's branding to our gallery and GIFs, users at events then create their own GIFsusing GIFGIF which takes a series of images in quick succession and compresses them into a GIF format which is a short animation. They receive the GIF by SMS and then share from their Mobile. We then report back to the client on social shares and reach.

What happens to the GIFs?

All gifs are uploaded live to a unique event online gallery, where they can be viewed and shared.

Can I share the images on social media?

Yes the GIFs taken in the booth are made to be shared online. Plus you can share the GIFs instantly from your mobile.

Is it easily transportable?

Yes. GIFGIF can be set up in around 30 mins and is easily transportable.

It can be shipped easily abroad when needed to.

Does it require wi-fi?

Yes, in order for the GIFs to be sent to the user GIFGIF requires a wi-fi connection. If the wi-fi doesn’t work for any reason, the gif’s are backed up and sent once the wi-fi connection is re-established.

We can also offer you a 4G connection if needed and arranged in advance.

Does it come staffed?

The technology of GIFGIF is super slick and so it doesn’t need to be staffed. But we can provide promotional staff if you'd like.

Can I have it for my party?

Yes, we hire GIFGIF to all types of events. Birthday parties, Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate events, Store openings, retail activity.... get in touch for a quote. 

Can it have a bespoke background?

Yes you can have anything on the background, you can also have your branding on the backdrop to the photos.

We can also create a bespoke plinth to house the unit. See this is image as en example. 

Where can it be set-up?

Our units are very flexible we just need shelter from rain and a flat floor or vertical pole to clamp to.

The booths can go outside as long as there is sufficient cover and a sturdy floor. A floored gazebo or marquee are fine.

Can I buy one for my venue?

At the moment we offer long-term leases for venues. Get in touch for more info.

Who created GIFGIF

GIFGIF was created by photo booth supremos LOOKLOOK.

Where can I hire GIFGIF?

At present GIFGIF is available in Australia and the UK. 

Please get in touch with the UK office if you'd like to hire in another country.

Or if you'd like to offer GIFGIF in your country please have a look at our partners page.

Can I see my images online?

Yes please follow the link in the SMS you received.